Gorrmae Dobermans

breeding for quality not quantity
Our Girls

All our girls came from Tara, Ch Glen Eagle Wholly
Tara CD
. She was a wonderful mother, and a
prolific one. She was protector of all she loved, as
smart as they come, sweet, and all Doberman!!  
She passed her great attributes onto her offspring
and they in turn passed them onto their offspring!!
She had an endearing Dobie smile, which she
passed onto her offspring and grand children, and
beyond!!!!. Tara also passed on some great
longevity...so sought after in our beloved Dobes......

Her daughter Ellana, Ch Gorrmae's Aster Drift, was not only beautiful,
but prolific as well!
Sound in mind and body, living to the grand age of 14 1/2 and leaving
a legacy that I keep trying to preserve through the generations. Like
her dam, Ellana, produced 6 Ch's, and carried the genes of some of
the top dogs in the Doberman Breed, such as Ch Tolivar's Boo Radley
Dobmann... She was so strong in those genes that you can see some
of those attributes in her kids, grand kids, great grand kids, and even
great, great grand kids!!.
Ellana's daughters in turn produced multiple Champions. Mardi, (a red)
Gorrmae's Mar D Gras
, produced our Abby, Ch Gorrmae's Absolutely D'Vine,
who in turn produced
Jenni, Am/UKC Ch Gorrmae's Madam Jennette. Abby is
also the dam of
Tuesday, U-Ch Gorrmae's Ruby Tuesday V Dior RA, RN RE, CGC,
 one of 3 Dobe Court dogs, and a wonder in the
performance ring, with her owner Marilyn. Jenni, Tuesday's littersister is
dam of Elle, seen above, also the dam of a beautiful red girl, Niki,  Ch
Gorrmae's Cover Girl CGC TDI, ROM, CD, co-owned with Liz Gentile. Jenni
is the dam of  BeBe, Ch Gorrmae's Beyond Beyonce, full sister to Niki,
Elle, and Thor aka Gorrmae's Mighty Thor, who is a full fledged Therapy
Dog at a Henry Ford Hospitals with his owner Keith.

Mardi also produced
Cayman, Ch Gorrmae's Cavalier Cayman, the sire of
Deacon, Ch Gorrmae's Say Hey Kid, Shelby, Can Ch Gorrmae's Simply
, and two other little black girls, along with Jillian, Gorrmae's April
,  who are Terri's kids also. (Deacon, Shelby, Rikki, Shayla and Jilli
are double Ellana grand kids)!

Terri, (a black) Ch Gorrmae's Mysteria, produced 7 Champions. (5 Am, 2 Can).
Terri is the dam of
Gabriel, Ch Gorrmae Apollo's Runner, (Jenni, Tuesday, and
6 other beloved family companions)
Terri has produced some remarkable offspring.
 Asia, Ch Gorrmae's
Cashmere V Bolero
,  is the dam of 7 Champions, one being the winner of the
Best Junior at the 2005 Futurity, plus a Top 20 Obedience contender. Asia
also produced the third Award of Merit winner at the 2008 Nationals, Ch
Bolero No Doubt V Deerfield .
Another Ter
ri Daughter, Gorrmae's Twister V Thornwood, owned by Sharon
Stimpfle, produced the 4 time DPCA Top 20 Agility Winner
Thornwoods Flare (many performance titles).
Owned and trained by Yvonne
Mancino. Flare also won first place at the AKC Agility Trial Invitational in
Calif in 2009.
Still yet another beautiful Terri daughter,
Satori, AKC/INTL Ch Gorrmae's Satori
Terri's  kids and grand kids and great, grandkids are doing
exciting things.......!!
AKC/UKC Ch Gorrmae's Madame
An Abby daughter, also a Terri
grand daughter. Jenni is the
producer of multiple Champions.
Ch Gorrmae's Absolutely D'Vine           
Dam of 3 Ch's   
(Ch Gemrose's Cavelier V Promise X
Gorrmae's Mar D Gras)
The matriarch at Gorrmae until the age of 14.  
She carried on the longevity from her  grandma
Gorrmae's April Promise
Not a Ch, but a champion in my
dam of our 2008 litter.  
(a  Cayman X Terri dau)
Tuesday does it again!!
She's been called the
"Frequently Flying Dobergirl!!
20 Titles and Counting!!

Tuesday will be 11 yrs young
June 15, 2016
Mach11 Thornwoods
Owned and trained by
Yvonne Mancino  (Flare
is a Terri Granddau)
winning DPCA Top 20
Agility four times..
Ch Glen Eagle Wholly Tara
Tara was the beginning of
Gorrmae Dobermans...she
was, the "perfect"
Doberman and beloved
family member !!!
Ch Gorrmae's Aster Drift
A Tara dau and a sweet,
lovely girl,  She was a very
dear little girl...everyone
loved her...
Ch Gorrmae's Mysteria LC10
A dau of Ellana, and another
wonderful girl of
Gorrmae..producer of 7 Ch's.
5 AKC, 2 Can.
Gorrmae's Mar D Gras
(Ellana X BIS Ch Alisaton
D'Wild Ruler V D'Mascus)
Mardi is a Champion
producer and the dam of
Intl, Can, UKC, AKC Ch Gorrmae's
Singular Sensation CGC, Bn,
A Jenni daughter
owned by Marilynn Mannino and
Lori Gorr. Elle is a Champion
herself! Two finished
and more on their way!!!!
GrCh Gorrmae's Beyond
, a Jenni
daughter, full sister to
Elle and Niki. BeBe isn't
done yet, I have more
planned for her..right
now she just is being
bossy over Uncle
Elle aka AKC GrCh, BIS UKC
GRCH, CAN Ch, Intl Ch
Gorrmae's Singular Sensation
helped her owner become
number one Owner/Handler in
Dobe Conformation
in 2014.
This is Gilly who was another
singleton baby from Jenni ( x
Rock)..shown winning a 5 pt
major...she is now
GrCh Gorrmae's
Gizelle N Vogue TDI, TT, CGC, RN
She was shown by her owner
Nicole Atwell and Ashley Cuzzolini.
Her Gr Ch title put on her by her
owner.. Gilly is co owned with
Niki aka GrCh Gorrmae's
Cover Girl
owned by Liz
Gentile and co owned with
Gorrmae has many titles
including an
ROM put on her
by her owner and a couple
great handlers. (Niki
is also a
Champion producer) a full
sister to Elle and BeBe all
Jenni daughters.
Gilly and her owner's Nicole and Chad Atwell,
(Yes, even Chad is getting in on the action with
this little girl!) have been busy!! Gilly in the last
few months has acquired not only a MBIMBS
U-Ch, along with her AKC Grand , but has
added a few titles at the other end of her.
name..NAJ,NF,CA RAT1, RATN .
Gilly has
added another Title to her resume..OA
. Quite
the busy girl and keeping her owners on their
toesl!!! On top everything she has been getting
some impressive scores in agility..one was first
place at the 2015 Nationals for 24" jumpers.
Here is Rosie aka Gorrmae's
Shining Star CAT, Dock Diving Sr.
owned by Jan and Leonard Bullock.
Rosie received her CAT Title and
Dock Div Title in one weekend!!
Rosie is littersister to BeBe & Thor.