Ch Gorrmae's Say Hey Kid
Ch Gorrmae's Cavalier Cayman X
Ch Gorrmae's Mysteria
Deacon is a double Tara grt grandson
He is owned by Shane McBride.
Ch Gorrmae Apollo's Runner
Ch Telstar's Christian Clive Cambria
X Ch Gorrmae's Mysteria.
* sadly Gabe was lost to a tragic
incident in 2008* He was owned by
Fr. Bob Stash.

****The other male I have kept in over 23 yrs  of loving,
owning and breeding Dobes, is Jordan. (Am/Can/UKC Ch
Gorrmae's Rock The Rim CGC), who goes back to Tara . See
Jordans Page**

In the 20 plus years that I have been breeding Dobermans, I have only kept two male.
The first one was Ben,  Ch Gorrmae's Eastwind Silencer, a Tara son, out of Am/Can/Intl/Bda Ch
Simca's Electric Cowboy (a son of BIS Ch Arco Dobmann, and a triple Ch Tolivar's Boo Radley
DobMann great grandson). He carried many crosses to the Sherluck lines. Ben was a
magnificent boy with good bone, and a great mover. He was a number one black, and had an
endearing "smile" that he passed onto many of his kids!

Ben was grandsire of Top 20 Can bitch, Ch Skyfire's Dust On The
Bottle, through his son, Garth, Can Ch Skyfires Cadillac Blackjack,
who can be found in a few American dogs.
One in particular would be the bitch (Ch Jeseran's Which Witch,
"Guess") bred by Jeserans, (the first natural eared bitch to finish in
the States.) She was recently bred and produced a very nice litter,
from Deacon, Ch Gorrmae's Say Hey Kid.  Deacon is a son of Cayman
& Terri.... Tara genes came full circle there!  

Ben was the sire of "Drew", U-CD Lyndobes Silent Mystery Man
Agility contender in the late 90's. He was owned, loved and trained by
Lisa Blanchard, and left her in 2008 at almost 12 yrs of age.

The Gorrmae boys have the
potential to do any job you ask.
Reggie. (Jordan, Reds, and Remi's
litter brother, and DiDi and Genie,
on the girls page). Reggie
finished his Ch title and got his
WAC in nothing flat. Now his
owner Laura Farmer is dabbling in
the sport of Working Dog!!
Ch Gorrmae's D'Voted Red
Shadow CGC WAC
Ch Trotyl De Black Shadow X
Ch Gorrmae's Absolutely D'Vine
Another boy that has some wonderful
achievements is REDS. In his very first
Rally Novice Trial, he achieved a score
of 100 and FIRST PLACE!  His
owner/trainer, Tabitha Owens is thrilled
(as we are) with her boy. He is also a
Certified Therapy Dog and has made
numerous visits to Nursing homes.
Reds draws attention everywhere he
goes, and he brings smiles to the faces
of everyone he meets..!
Ben Boy!
Ch Gorrmae's Eastwind Silencer
(Am/Can/Intl/Bda Ch Simca's
Electric Cowboy X Ch Glen Eagle
Wholly Tara CD)
When he left me, he took a part of
my heart with him..
See Ode to my Ben below**
breeding for quality not quantity
There are so many Gorrmae Boys that have done amazing things in their lives, that we wish we could put
every one of them on these pages and tell of what they have contributed to the lives of those who love them.
They have done it all from protecting their young charges to comforting the elderly, or those that have
suffered heartbreak in their lives.....
We are so proud of each and every one of them!!        
God Bless The Boys!!
The ones that have gone on to the Bridge, will never be forgotten by their beloved owners or by their breeder!
         Ch Cardav's Satish CGC
                                  (a Terri grandson)                        
AKC/Intl Ch Gorrmae's Satori CGC TDI  Wac x  Ch Amonde's Hurricane
Satish was Bred by, trained, owned by Carole & David       
Akc ptd Gorrmae's Remington's  Way CGC
      Another Trotyl X Abby son
Owned by Cheryl and Steve Ray
Another first place for
Reds is now Gorrmae's
Fantasy Red 13, CD RN
going Tabs and Reds!!!!
Reds is owned by
Tabitha and
James Owens
Congratulations David
& Carol! Satish is one
handsome boy!!
Remi wins again!! Shown
by his owner Steve Ray..
Way to go Remi and Steve!
That finish line is getting
Ch Gorrmae's Rock The Rim CGC
Shown here with handler
extrordinair, Mr. Andy Linton at the
2010 DPCA Nationals..
Ch Gorrmae Apollo's
Runner, is the sire of
our Jenni and
Tuesday,.and some
really handsome sons..
from his one and only
                                            Ode To My Ben Boy!!
The day was bright and sunny; there was excitement in the air;
First two black brothers came, then suddenly you were there!!
You were one of seven, the biggest in the bunch!
Being by Mom was Heaven, as you thoroughly enjoyed lunch!!
Oh, what a handsome boy you'd be; big boned, short backed, and smooth!
Things anyone could see! And how easy you could move!!
But! Your most endearing traits came from deep within;
Like... your sweet and gentle nature, and your big toothy grin!!

You did become a Champion boy!!, Which in all ways you were, my boy!
and, ahh, those tummy rubs, you did so enjoy!
And there never was a bitch that you didn't like!!, except....your sister
That you wished would take a hike!!!
When you became a sire; all your babies black!
Some had your smile; others your short back!
Just like you sweet boy, in temperament, they'd excel!!
Bringing their family's much joy and being Dobe ambassadors as well!

For ten and a half years, you had free run and reign;
Treeing coons, watching deer, with no illness or pain!
But, day the sad news came, that cancer was found there!
Although you gave no signs that you had pain, which to me wasn't fair!
In just three short weeks you went so fast downhill,
as the monster took it's toll, seeming so impossible still!

The day was cold and grey; there was sadness in the air..
Your eyes said this was the day, I dreaded with despair;
I held you in my hands, the day that you were born:
and I held you in my arms, the day your life from me was torn:
I placed a kiss upon your head; as my tears fell on your face..
I knew the angels had come, to take you to a better place!
I love you Ben boy, big boy still
and forever, and ever...always will!

Your ever doting Mom..
Ben at 9 months taking Best Puppy in
Match. in 1991 With myself handling and
Grover McLin Judge..
Cayman aka
Ch Gorrmae's
Cayman, Abby's
litter brother,
and sire of
Deacon, and he
was the
beloved boy of
Dawn and
Ralph Remick..
He was a BOB
and Group