Anyone inquiring about a puppy from Gorrmae are assured  that all pups born here are from a well
thought out plan. This means they are acquiring a pup from a pedigree and lineage  with a good
amount of longevity behind it. All Gorrmae Dobes are bred for quality, and have temperaments that
mirror that quality and intelligence to do any job asked of them.  All bitches are fully health tested,
before being bred to an equally high quality, fully health tested stud dog. ( all parents are Champion
titled or titled in some way or working toward a title.)
Every potential home is sent a puppy questionnaire so I can get to know a little bit about
hopefully match each puppy with their future family.
Some things are important to have before bringing a baby, even an adult Dobie, into the home.
A fenced in yard, and/or  a safe large enough area to allow for exercise but not  to have
unsupervised roaming!
The potential puppy owners, must have a  genuine love for the breed! If someone has an interest in
purchasing a show potential puppy, the puppy must first and foremost  be a family companion!
Every potential home will be screened as to their compatibility with the puppy.  A Doberman
Pinscher may not be suitable to every potentially interested party, even though they may enjoy the
"look" of a Doberman.

It is highly recommended by this breeder that each and every puppy be enrolled in a puppy class, or
basic obedience class, and that the puppy's new family continues to  socialize them  in ALL aspects
of living in today's society that was started before they took their baby home.......

All puppies are born in the home, are  gently and gradually acclimated, (from the time their senses
start to develop at 3 wks...) to the everyday sounds of a home environment. Phones ringing, pots
and pans banging, people talking, vacuum cleaners running, oh, just everything that goes on in a
home environment!! All  puppies are  socialized around children of all ages,.. our grand children,
neighbor kids, visitors, anybody I can get to come over and "play" with the puppies. ( I usually don't
have to ask twice!)
The puppies are also socialized around other dogs, especially with and by their dam who teaches
them how to be canine socially correct!!!

On average only one litter every year or  longer  is born here, so that one litter is getting the time
and devotion needed to assure well adjusted, mentally stable youngsters. Each puppy is an
individual and must be treated as such, to assure that individual has the confidence to fulfill their
role as companion, protector, and soul mate, and to develop that happy devil may care attitude
needed for other venues like being a show dog!!!!
Each puppy is treated as if they were ALL Best In Show prospects, whether they are to be King of
the couch or Queen of the agility/obedience ring.....They ALL deserve the same amount of love and
care, no matter what their eventual role will be in life...!!

Every  puppy that is purchased from Gorrmae, is sold with a contract. The contract is there to
protect the puppy, the owner, and my breeding program, for the LIFE of that puppy!.
I am always ready to take responsibility for that puppy/dog if they should ever have to be
rehomed...a circumstance I hope never happens, but sometimes there are unavoidable
circumstances and Life happens! I hope to detect in the new family that acquiring this puppy is  a
committment not to be taken lightly....
All pups purchased as pet/companions are sold on Limited Registration, with spay/neuter clauses.
All show potential pups, are also sold with an individulized contract, and a co-ownership with this
breeder for any show potential bitches and sometimes with a male.

The parents of all Gorrmae puppies will have been health tested, for any inheritable defects that are
able to be tested for...**Defects like hip dysplasia will be tested for and the parents will have been
OFA certified or have prelimary xrays before breeding. Testing  for VWD status by DNA will be
done. The parents will have Liver and blood panels done, along with Full Thyroid Panels
...Echoes/holters for any cardiac changes are done before breeding .
All puppies are sold with cropped ears done by a licensed vet, (tails and dews also), have been
checked and wormed at least 2-3 times, vaccinations as to the proper protocol for the age of the pup.

I am ALWAYS available to the owner of any Gorrmae puppy from the day they leave with that
precious life, until that baby is old and gray.......
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Gorrmae Dobermans
breeding quality not quantity for 20 yrs+
BeBe's health stats to date:
Born 8/31/2012
Cardiac Echo clear (Dec 2015
Dr. Brown Cardiologist)
Hips/Elbow OFA= Excellent/Normal
Liver Panel 2015 Normal
Thyroid Low normal 2016
DM Clear
VWD Carrier
Dr Meurs DCM Negative
(by parentage negative)
Full Dentition
BeBe has a wonderful sweet
temperament, easy to live with..she is
251/2 in square...
Krieger's health stats to date:
Cardiac clear echo/holter April 2016
Born 12/7/2013
Hips/Elbows: OFA Excellent/
Thyroid Normal
VWD Clear
DVDobe (Ding) N/N Negative
Full Dentition
Color Black #3
27 1/2 in square

Breeder: Mandy Bondy (co-owner)
Owner Elizabeth Nelson

Krieger has a happy, willing to
please nature. He and his owner are
working towards earning some
agility titles...
                 BEBE                                               Krieger
All puppies will be temperament evaluated, and graded at 8
They're here!!!! Two little babies born on Aug 25, 2016. A
handsome Prince and beautiful little Princess..
See them
grow on puppy page.....
Puppies and kids
always make a good