Jordans kids
Gorrmae Dobermans
breeding quality not quantity
Sophie, at 6 mo,  Jordans little black
daughter. A real cutie!. Owner Patsy
Kennedy. Dam is Jillian
Bo has a new
sister!! LuLu....
she is a sweet as
they come blue
Bo and LuLu are owned
by Eric and Andy Herres
This is Ben (Jordan & Jilli
son) at 13 months of age.
He looks so much like his
Daddy..Owned by Maggie
and Dominic Olesky
Scylla a real beauty at
2 yrs of age.
Jordi and Jilli dau
Owned by Lisa Sowels
Jordan x Dolce daughter ..Santana now
known as Ginger, lives with Ronnie Drake
in Ohio.  
puppy  group winner in Can. Now has a
daughter aka Princess, that is burning up
the rings in Canada, and is only 11
months old..

Dolce X Jordan  Archie
a BOB winner and a
Best in Sweepsstakes.
Sarah, Jordan and Sierra's
daughter winning with a Jr.
Handler in Can.
Sarah is now living in Mi with
the Zihlavsky family..shown
above listening to a bedtime
story from her owner. Sarah
shares her life with 4 children
A Jordan son...this is
Who sadly was killed by
being fed gravy
soaked socks. By a
very sick person.......a
relative of his owner
who when she would
come to visit, literally
would try to kill him
and finally succeeded.
Houston, from Jordan and
Sierra now owned by Maura
Reilly and shown at 8
Frankie winning
another pt, at 9 mo
with owner, breeder
Barry..Dam Lucy
Reji with friend..Jordan
and Dolce dau
owned  by Artie Castille
Porshe (Jordan X Dolce)
winning a Best in Puppy 5 and a half mo.
littersister to Frankie who was  RWD-WD at the 2011
Can Natls. She has attitude to spare and is willing to do
whateveris asked of her..A real sweetheart!
Bred by Maura
Feebee owned by Dawn and Ralph